This is the short story of my transformation --

I took the Creatively Fit® Coaching program in the fall of 2014. I had been praying for a way to create art that was healing for others. Little did I know that I was to learn how to create art that was actually going to heal myself. After losing my mom and brother between March and July 2009, I slowly lost interest in my woodblock printmaking and I lost interest in a lot of things. I was at the end of my rope. The ounce of hope I had left was knowing that somehow soon my prayers had to be answered. And they were. God sent an angel to me and her name is Whitney Freya. Through her 4-month program of specific lessons, soul questions, and personal work I discovered blocks and beliefs that were keeping me from being my true self, from feeling joy, and from expressing myself. If you are at the end of your rope or at a crossroad and feel frustrated, confused, or lack direction I highly recommend her coaching or Vision Quest program. If it resonates with you then just give yourself the permission to say yes to the beginning of your transformation. Make a decision now. Stop putting YOU off. You can follow the link on the home page to learn more about the upcoming Creatively Fit® Vision Quest program online.

You can also take workshops that I give either locally in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky area or online. 

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Paint the energy of the life you desire!  

My Short Biography

Everyone is an artist and everything is energy! As a Creatively Fit® art coach, I enjoy guiding and creating right alongside you as we paint the energy of the life we desire. In a relaxing and safe environment, we use various techniques from doodling to painting on canvas to create the awareness we need to make positive changes in our body, mind, and soul. Together we paint images and intentions connecting with the energy and power of symbols, animals, and the elements of Mother Earth.  
-- Bette Norcross Wappner -- "Paintergy".


​paint the energy of the life you desire ! ​